The goal of treatment is to address each problem aTTP/iTTP causes in the body

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Problem caused by aTTP/iTTP

Your immune system attacks
ADAMTS13 with autoantibodies

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Immunosuppressive therapy is a type of medicine that helps decrease the activity of your immune system. In aTTP/iTTP, it suppresses the production of anti-ADAMTS13 autoantibodies

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Problem caused by aTTP/iTTP

Because there is not enough ADAMTS13, von Willebrand factor (vWF) strands don’t get cut. When vWF strands grow too long, they attract a lot of platelets when they are not supposed to, which means there are not enough platelets circulating in the blood

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Plasma exchange (PEX) is a procedure that removes and replaces a person’s blood plasma over a few hours. In aTTP/iTTP, it replaces platelets and ADAMTS13 in the blood. PEX may need to be done for several days or weeks

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Problem caused by aTTP/iTTP

When long strands of vWF attract platelets, dangerous blood clots may form when you don’t need them


CABLIVI is a prescription medicine for adults, in combination with PEX and immunosuppression, designed specifically for aTTP/iTTP. It helps stop platelets from sticking to vWF and helps prevent your body from forming dangerous blood clots during an aTTP/iTTP episode

How your doctor will know if treatment is working

Your doctor wants to see 2 things happen while you’re receiving treatment for aTTP/iTTP:

Platelet increase icon

Your platelet count increases and returns to normal

Crossed out ADAMTS13 icon

Your body stops attacking ADAMTS13 and activity levels return to normal

Be your own best advocate by asking about all available treatment options, including CABLIVI

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CABLIVI, in combination with PEX and immunosuppression, can help you take on aTTP/iTTP with confidence

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*aTTP is also known as iTTP. You and your healthcare team can use either term.
aTTP/iTTP=acquired/immune-mediated thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura; vWF=von Willebrand factor.